6 Best Indoor Plants for Decorating Your Home to Improve Your Mood Today

The 6 best indoor plants for decorating to improve your mood without the high maintenance. Indoor plants for decorating your home can add to your decor and improve air quality.

3 Stylish Ways to Decorate with a Tray

It seems so simple, but a tray can have a big impact on the cohesiveness of a room. A tray can keep your remotes safe from the  inevitable trip between the couch cushions. With the season changing, we’ll need to be more diligent than ever in keeping ourselves germ free. A tray station with hand…

3 Steps to Improve Your Mood with Design.

We’re all feeling it. You know, that tired, anxious, bored, gotta-get-outta this house feeling. Ever since the Covid-19 Crisis began, there are not many places we can go to “get away” and recharge.