Mood Aromas. Pure, Natural Affirmation Sprays.

Mood Aromas is an all natural room and linen spray made with pure essential oils.

Plant Derived
Small Business
Woman Owned
Crafted in the USA

Why Scent is So Important

How we feel, think, move, see, and communicate is fed by our senses. By changing the input to our minds, we can have a positive effect on how we react to our world.

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Combining the tangible to the intangible

Scent alone can only do so much. But when combined with a positive affirmation, we can teach our brains to recall the affirmation more easily.

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The Perfect

Each one of our natural affirmations scents is hand mixed with pure essential oils. Mood Aromas’ sprays instantly and naturally remove unwanted smells from air, fabric, and other surfaces.


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