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Hi, I’m Liana, an interior decorator with an MBA in Sustainable Business. I’m passionate about making your home functional for your family without sacrificing beauty and quality. Thanks for visiting!

Why I decided to become an interior decorator…

I love interior design and I’m an excellent problem solver. As someone who battles depression and anxiety, I need spaces that work for me. So when I’m decorating a space in my home, I first look at how it’s used on a regular basis. Next, I look at how it functions when I’m not functioning. And finally, I see how I can make that functioning space look beautiful.

The more I learn about my own mental health, the more people I meet who are looking for the same safe spaces at home. If this sounds like you, subscribe to the blog to get updates on the best trending home decor and the best place to buy it.

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Hi, I’m Liana. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kid and husband, I love writing about my fascination with home decor, design, and leading an organized life! Read more

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