Spring Cleaning Checklist: How To Clean Your Home In Less Than 3 Hours A Day

Tips and tricks to make cleaning a breeze this spring.

spring cleaning

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to start thinking about doing some cleaning around your home. It’s a great opportunity to open the windows, let in the fresh air and tackle all those areas that may have been neglected during the winter months. However, cleaning can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. That’s why following a spring cleaning checklist can be incredibly helpful. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss why you should follow a spring cleaning checklist and provide you with a comprehensive guide to make your spring cleaning experience less stressful and more manageable.

Why should you follow a spring cleaning checklist?

Following a spring cleaning checklist can be incredibly beneficial in many ways. Firstly, it ensures that you don’t forget any essential tasks while cleaning your home. Secondly, it helps you to stay organized and focused on the tasks that need to be done. Lastly, it makes the cleaning process more manageable and less overwhelming.

Gather your supplies

gather all of your cleaning supplies

Before you begin, make sure you have all the supplies you need. This might include cleaning solutions, rags, sponges, a vacuum, and trash bags. Having everything you need on hand will make the process smoother and more efficient.

Start with a plan

A spring cleaning checklist can help you stay organized and ensure that you don’t miss any important tasks. Start by making a list of all the areas in your home that need attention. This might include the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, and closets.

Once you have your list, prioritize the tasks based on what’s most important to you. For example, if you’re having guests over for a spring gathering, you may want to focus on cleaning the living areas and guest bathroom first.

Tackle one area at a time

Choose one area to clean

Trying to clean your entire home in one day can be overwhelming. Instead, focus on one area at a time. This will help you stay focused and prevent you from feeling burnt out.

Declutter as you go

As you clean each area, take the opportunity to declutter and get rid of items you no longer need or use. This can be a great way to create more space and make your home feel more organized.

Don’t forget the details

In addition to the big cleaning tasks like dusting and vacuuming, be sure to pay attention to the smaller details. This might include wiping down baseboards, cleaning light fixtures, and dusting blinds.

Get the whole family involved

Clean with the whole family and make it a game!

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a solo activity. Get your family involved by assigning tasks and working together to get your home looking its best. This can be a great way to bond and teach your children about the importance of taking care of their living space.

Reward yourself

Finally, don’t forget to reward yourself for a job well done. Whether it’s a relaxing bath or a night out with friends, taking the time to celebrate your hard work can help you stay motivated and feel good about your accomplishments.

Spring cleaning checklist

spring cleaning checklist - pinterest

I started creating the detailed checklist above, when I realized that it didn’t make me feel more organized. I actually felt incredibly overwhelmed, and my ADHD mind gave this list a big fat “NOPE!”

If you love lists like these, then go on with your bad cleaner self! If not, keep reading.

So I set out to create a more realistic and achievable spring cleaning checklist, like the one below. The key is to spread out the tasks over several weeks rather than try to get everything done in one day or weekend. So by breaking up the tasks, you’re more likely to accomplish your cleaning goals without getting burnt out. 

realistic spring cleaning checklist

Here are some expert tips to help you clean smarter, not harder!


Decluttering is the first step in any successful spring cleaning. It’s important to go through each room and get rid of any items that are no longer needed or used, especially clothing. You can donate, sell, or throw away items that are cluttering your space. This step will make it easier to clean the remaining areas in your home.

Cleaning the windows and doors

Cleaning your windows and doors is an essential task during spring cleaning. It’s recommended to clean them inside and out. You can use a mixture of water and vinegar or a store-bought glass cleaner to get rid of any smudges and dirt.

Deep clean the kitchen

Spring clean kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any home, and it’s essential to give it a thorough cleaning during spring cleaning. Don’t forget to clean out the dishwasher’s filter to keep it running in top shape: then run a cleansing wash with a cup of vinegar. To clean stainless steal appliances, use a mixture of vinegar and water to wipe clean, then wipe with olive oil for shine.

Clean the bathrooms

Bathrooms are notorious for being messy rooms. Start by cleaning the toilet, sink, and shower or bath. For an easy mess free clean, Dampen a Clorox toilet wand and scrub toilets, tubs, and showers. Then rinse with water or wipe down with a dry cloth.

Organize the laundry room

Clean laundry room and appliances

Washers and dryers need regular maintenance to keep filters clean. To clean your washing machine, use 1/2 cup of baking soda with 2 cups of vinegar, and run a wash cycle on heavy duty with hot water and a couple of hand towels.

Refresh lighting

Lights and ceiling fans can collect a lot of dust, so dusting regularly is important. When deep cleaning, use a damp cloth and vinegar to clean and sanitize fans and lights. 

Freshen up your pets space

Clean pet collars, leashes, and toys in hot soapy water.

Our loving pets can create quite a mess! So wash or replace bedding, wash water and food bowls, and clean crates, litter boxes, or cages. Let leashes, collars, and toys soak in soapy water for 10 minutes, rinse, and let dry.

Wash down garage and outdoor areas

Clean and replace light bulbs (if needed), sweep porches and walkways, clean doormats and rugs, and power wash siding and the driveway.

Clean inside and outside windows

In conclusion, following a spring cleaning checklist can be a great way to get your home looking its best and feeling refreshed for the new season. Try our Refresh room and linen spray to renew your home’s scent. With a little planning and organization, you can tackle even the most daunting cleaning tasks with ease. You’ve got this!

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