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6 Best Indoor Plants for Decorating Your Home to Improve Your Mood Today


The six best indoor plants for decorating to improve your mood without the high maintenance.

The 6 best indoor plants for decorating to improve your mood without the high maintenance. Indoor plants for decorating your home can add to your decor and improve air quality. Does your room have a ton of light or just a little? Where do you want to be transported to when you walk into your room? A Mediterranean beach, a tropical rainforest, or maybe an Asian garden? Whatever you answered, I’ve got all of the information you need right here to make your wish a reality.

Best Indoor Low Light Plants

Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm

The parlor palm tree is native to the rainforests in Southern Mexico and Guatemala. This elegant plant prefers low light, and may actually suffer in full sunlight. They get between 2-4 feet tall and should be planted in at least a 10 inch planter. The parlor palm would work great in a low light bedroom or bathroom, as it prefers additional humidity.

I’d put it on the floor in a corner that gets early morning or late afternoon sun. Easy maintenance calls for watering once a week. I like this Parlor Palm from Costa Farms, because it gets great reviews and ships directly to your home. You can choose a grower’s pot and replant it in your own pot, or upgrade to a style that suits your decor.

Pothos or The Devil’s Ivy


Don’t let the name sway you for this is a beautiful plant. It get’s it’s name because it prefers bright, but indirect light. And will thrive in low to medium light rooms, but with slower growth. This is a good thing, as Pothos can grow six to eight feet tall with trailing leaves up to 12 inches wide, if given enough sun.

So to keep the plant low, put it on a living room coffee table or bedroom side table where there is low to medium light. Plant it in a 6 inch planter to keep it around 11 to 24 inches tall. Maintenance requires twice a week watering and will thrive with an occasionally missed watering. I love this Pothos plant from Costa Farms that comes ready with a midcentury modern planter.



The Dieffenbachia plant is native to Mexico and the West Indies south to Argentina. It can reach up to 6 feet tall, so pot it in a large 10 inch pot. I think it would add texture and warmth to an empty wall or as a beautiful accent to a sitting chair. This plant also loves humidity so it would work great in a bathroom as well.

Dieffenbachia plants prefer diffused sunlight or partial shade, but will also tolerate full shade. Known as the easiest plant to grow, water it twice a week, but with low light, you can water it less. I recommend this Dieffenbachia from Costa Farms with a white natural planter that would work for coastal, bohemian, or Scandinavian decor styles.

Best Indoor High Light Plants

Peace Lily

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is native to tropical rainforests of America, and is a vibrant perennial that produces attractive white flowers. It goes great with country and casual decors. It would work as a large floor plant, or in a smaller pot on tabletops or plant stands. The peace lily is the most efficient at filtering indoor pollutants, giving you peace of mind.

This flowering plant prefers high light. For maintenance, keep the soil moist by watering it every other day, and giving it extra love on hot days. I think it would look great in a humid sunroom or bathroom. I recommend the Peace Lily from Costa Farms for it’s white natural planter that would work with farmhouse or coastal styles.



The Aralia is native to Asia and the Americas, with most species living in the mountain woodlands. This plant would work well with an Asian Fusion or modern rustic decor style. It’s ideal to plant in smaller pots about four to six inches. Which makes it perfect for desks and tabletops, or an entryway console table.

The Aralia plant prefers bright to moderate indirect sunlight and loves humid environments. Water it once every two weeks, but water more depending on the size and light exposure. I recommend the Aralia from California Tropicals.


The Marginata, also known as the Dragon Tree, is native to Madagascar. Plant it in a large 14 inch pot as it can grow tall, but keep it pruned to 6 feet or less for indoors. It prefers full sun, but will thrive in partial shade. Place it in a bright living room or entryway. I would pair this with African, East Asian, or Mediterranean decors.

Water the Marginata once every three weeks or more. If the leaves have brown tips, then you are over watering. I recommend the Marginata from Costa Farms.

These are the six best indoor plants for decorating your home to improve your mood. As with all plants, to keep them healthy and strong, pot them with fertilizer in a well draining planter. Add fertilizer to your house plants once or twice a year to maintain good health.

Still not sure which plant to get? Try this 6 plant set from Costa Farms and see which ones work best in your home. 

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