Practical Christmas Gifts for Someone Who has Everything

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Unique, Practical Christmas Gifts for Someone Who has Everything: Coffee Edition!

 Ultimate Practical Holiday Gift Idea Guides by Big Mood Design!

Looking for unique, practical Christmas gifts for the person who has everything? Welcome to your final stop for holiday gift idea guides for your Coffee Geek! As a coffee drinker, I know what coffee products I really love receiving as gifts, and which products can join the naughty list this year.

Practical Christmas Gifts for Someone Who has Everything

Classic Coffee Beans or K-Cups.

If you know their favorite coffee brand, order them a fresh batch of coffee beans. Trust me, coffee lovers can always use more coffee. And coffee beans can be also be frozen for later use. Or if you’re gifting them a Keurig, get their favorite coffee flavor in K-cups!

Crazy flavored coffee pods can join the naughty list this year. They work great for an office, but not for an individual. Unless they love those flavors it’s likely most of those weird flavors won’t be used.

Coffee Storage.

No idea what coffee they drink? No worries, coffee storage solutions are the way to go. Try to go with ceramic coffee storage instead of plastic, because it’s more durable and environmentally friendly. Ceramic storage is also easy to clean, and keeps coffee beans cool, dark, and dry. Make sure it’s an airtight container!

Coffee Home Decor.

Other awesome coffee gift ideas include home decor or coffee related items like mugs, coffee signs, a classic french press, coffee ornaments, coffee tables, coffee trays and more. Unless you’re familiar with the giftee’s style, stick with neutral colors like white, cream, and black. And choose warm wood colors like bamboo, oak, mahogany, teak, and pinewood. According to Wordworking Trade, these are the most sustainable options for wood furniture.

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