How to Paint Your Fireplace in a Weekend Like an HGTV Pro.

Easy Step-by-Step Guide with Materials List.

Paint your brick fireplace like the professionals! It’s an easy DIY project for first-timers and makes a huge impact on the mood of your home. Feeling moody? Choose a dark color for the drama! Feeling classic? Go with a bright white in satin finish for easy cleaning. The possibilities are endless! Need help figuring out which color to choose? Send me a message on Facebook or Instagram. I’m happy to lend my knowledge!

Painting Your Fireplace: Materials List

Need all the paint gear? Buy the kit!

Clean the Fireplace

To prep your fireplace for painting, clean it using trisodium phosphate and a scrub brush. It’s a heavy duty cleaner to make painting your brick fireplace easier. If your fireplace is already painted, then you can use a typical household cleaner and a washcloth.

Before photo of white fireplace
Fireplace Before!

Prep the Surface of the Fireplace

Line the top, bottom and sides of your fireplace with painter’s tape. By taking the time to tape, the painting process goes much faster, and you have less cleanup and touchups. I prefer to use a canvas drop cloth as opposed to the clear plastic drop cloths. It’s more convenient and environmentally friendly. You can see from my picture that the plastic gets bunched up and tears easily.

And don’t forget to protect the mantle! You can use a plastic drop cloth like the photo above. Or cover it with old newspapers and attach with painter’s tape.

Paint Your Fireplace

Start with the 1/2 inch nap paint roller and roll on the paint! You save time and money by getting the Paint + Primer Interior paint. Next use the 1 or 2 inch flat brush to paint the top, bottom and sides of the fireplace along the painter’s tape. Use the same brush to paint the mortar joints and any brick divots that the paint roller might have missed.

Let the paint dry overnight. Wrap your brushes in plastic bags to reuse. The next day, check for spots that may have gotten missed during the initial painting session and finish with any necessary touch ups. Remove the painter’s tape. Decorate the mantel and enjoy!

After of fireplace in gray
Fireplace After!

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