Shop the Serena and Lily Summer Tent Sale Today! Hurry before it ends!

Shop the Serena and Lily Sale.
Shop the Serena & Lily Sale!

Shop the Serena and Lily Sale today! Do you love the coastal interior decor style? Do you want beautiful quality while staying in your budget? You can have your Mai Tai and drink it too. I’ve found the best deals on Serena and Lily for under $200! 


Love the prints of wallpaper, but hate the idea of putting it up on the wall? Use it to line the back of a bookcase or built in shelving instead.

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I love the airy look of the rattan weave pendants. Each one is hand weaved, adding to the natural look and feel.

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Did you know that Serena and Lily has a 60-day bedding promise? That comes with free shipping and free returns. You deserve to indulge yourself now and again. Especially when it comes to your bedding. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping or trying to get to sleep. So you deserve something that lasts and feels luxurious. 

Pillow Covers

My favorite part to shop the Serena and Lily sale is the pillows. I have a major obsession with all of the colors, prints, and textures of pillows. So naturally, when they go on sale, I need to add more to my collection, even at my husbands protest.

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I know, I know, you’re probably thinking you don’t need another throw blanket. But the Alpaca throws are softer than the finest cashmere, and keep you warmer than the best wool. Each one is handcrafted in Peru, supporting the local community and doing it sustainably. Now does your throw do that?

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Remember how I said you deserve to pamper yourself? That extends to the self care in your bath. Wrap yourself in luxuriously soft bath towels after a quick morning shower, or a long relaxing bath. And then slip into your comfy linen pajamas.

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Did you know that rattan is actually one of the most sustainable furniture materials? According to Forbes, “Most of the world’s rattan come from the forests of Southeast Asia, where they grow in abundant supply.” Because manufacturing rattan furniture is so low tech, it doesn’t use environment polluting production facilities. And at Serena and Lily, none of the rattan plant goes to waste! 

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