How the Ruggable Washable Rug Saved This Tired, Busy Mom

Why I chose Ruggable for my home.

My family put the Ruggable washable rug to the test the very first week we got it. My toddler spilled all of the things: mac & cheese, blueberries, veggie juice, my coffee, and more. And my dogs and cats had the worst cases of tummy troubles I’d seen in a long time. I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say the rug did not look pretty before I threw it into the wash. When it came out though, wow! It looked brand new. I was amazed by how well it washed, and held its texture and shape.

I had given up on having a rug years ago, because I got tired of wasting my money. The standard rugs that I purchased in the past did not survive the torture from my pets. The stains and smells were too much to bear. I tried so many enzyme cleaners to get the urine smell out, but it wasn’t worth the time and effort.

So when I discovered Ruggable, I thought it was too good to be true. I read mixed reviews about how Ruggable compared to a traditional rug. Reviewers liked the styles, but didn’t think it had the same thickness of a traditional rug. And I can see why they feel that way, because it’s made to be thin so it fits in the washer/dryer. So if you’re not constantly cleaning your rug, then this might not be the rug for you. However, Ruggable now offers a cushioned rug pad that gives it the thickness and softness akin to a traditional rug.

As a tired, busy mom, I am in love with Ruggable washable rugs. I can finally have a rug that withstands the constant beating from my family, and doesn’t add a huge burden to my domestic duties. These are the top five ways the Ruggable washable rug is amazing for parents of kids and pets.

Cosima Teal 5×7 from Ruggable

It’s easy to wash.

Ruggable comes with two pieces, the washable rug and the rug pad. It’s so easy to peel up the rug from the pad, like pulling apart velcro. I have the 5×7 Cosima Teal rug and 2×7 Aurora Teal Grey runner. Both rugs fit together in my Whirlpool Duet Washer which cuts down on time and water usage. I do recommend drying them separately or it will take much longer to dry. For Chenille rugs, Ruggable recommends washing in cold water on a delicate cycle using a non-bleach, mild detergent. And then drying on low heat or hanging it to dry. You can find washing instructions for the other styles on Ruggable’s FAQ page.

It is stain resistant.

My kid and pets have a way of making a mess of any situation. It’s impressive, really! But any spills or accidents, I’m able to clean up with a wet towel and a quick scrub. And like magic, the mess is gone. And when my Ruggable starts to look a little dingy, I toss the rug in the wash, and it comes out looking like new.

Aurora Teal Grey Runner from Ruggable

It is so soft.

I love how soft the chenille rugs feel. I spend a lot of time on the floor playing cars and blocks with my toddler. So it’s nice not to feel itchy or uncomfortable while crawling across the floor. I have both the standard rug pad and cushioned rug pad. Both are great, but I prefer the cushioned rug pad. It feels so nice underfoot. I recommend it for play areas, in front of the kitchen sink, bathrooms or anywhere you need that extra comfort.

It is water resistant.

Any spills will instantly bead up, giving you time to grab a towel to sop it up before spills start to seep in. Because of this, I set my dog’s water bowl on the rug, so any spills or water trails are easily managed. The rug is so quick to dry, so I don’t worry about mold or mildew. I appreciate that Ruggable is made for everyday living, and also looks beautiful in my home.

It is easy to reattach.

I don’t have a lot of time to fiddle with a rug when I have a toddler and 3 dogs running around me, so I appreciate how easy Ruggable washable rugs are easy to reattach to the rug pad. I’ll admit that the first few times I put it on were a struggle, but I figured out a way that works. Now it takes me less than a minute to lay down the rug. Subscribe to the blog with your email address to get notified for a future blog post on How to Lay Down your Ruggable Rug in Less Than a Minute.

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