How to Decorate Your Home Office ‘A Little Bit’ Like Alexis Rose from Schitt’s Creek

pink and white flowers in clear glass vase on brown wooden table

How to Decorate Like Alexis Rose.

After watching all six seasons of Schitt’s Creek for the zillionth time this year, I thought about how to decorate a home office like Alexis Rose. What might her New York City apartment might look like today? As a publicist for Interflix, Alexis would definitely need a dedicated home office space. In order to coordinate the streaming services publicity, her office needs to be a little bit professional. But also capture her fun and sweet personality. She would also need a well-lit vanity to do her hair and makeup before Zoom meetings. And finally, she would need a cute little dog bed for her new puppy, Ted, to cuddle up while she works.

How to Decorate Your Home Office with a pink and white theme and silver apple keyboard and magic mouse
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How to Decorate A Home Office. But first, Coffee!

Alexis Rose is known for her eclectic glam fashion and that should be reflected in her decor. I recommend using gold or rosegold for desk accessories and accent pieces. A small gold bar cart and tray can be used to store a mini coffee maker or teapot set. This way you can stay awake during long work meetings. But it also keeps your laptop and electronics safe from any unexpected spills!

Thoughtfully Accessorize Your Office Desk.

Metallic pieces are an Alexis staple when she is trying to build up her self-confidence. Below, I chose a beautiful rose gold desk accessory set and diamond topped pens. These pieces are to remind her to believe in herself and continue to make her own path. To keep her desk uncluttered, I’d add a a desktop carousel to store pens, scissors, jewelry, clips, and other do-dads.

Keep Growing with Desk Plants.

The succulent that has grown alongside Alexis also deserves an upgrade. I would recommend a white with gold trim Rati vase paired with a ceramic vase filled with fresh cut flowers. By pairing glam and natural decor pieces, it grounds the room and keeps it looking timeless and fresh.

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Next up, Modern Boho Rugs.

To decorate like Alexis Rose, you’ve got to get in touch with your inner boho queen. That means mixed mosaics, paisley prints, and crochet all day. I recommend the peach and blue cotton, jute, Persian style area rug from Cost Plus World Market. Or the pink and gray vintage wool tufted area rug from Target. Both are beautiful and work under a white wood desk and mauve velvet chair. And to keep the space mess free, add a cute little crochet waste basket.

Finish it with a Little Bit of Light

Alexis knows what it means to be seen in the best light. So I recommend the globe desk lamp from Target paired with the tripod floor lamp. The more light you have the better your Zoom calls will look. Ideally, natural lighting is your best friend, but when it’s not available store bought is fine.

Now you know how to decorate your home office like Alexis Rose. Coming soon!! Check out my post on How to Decorate Your Bedroom Like David Rose. Go on! I love that journey for you!

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