10 Best Throw Pillows to Spruce up your Bedroom or Couch for Spring

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Find the perfect throw pillows for your home.

Spring is a great time of year to spruce up your home’s throw pillows with a new fresh look. It’s an affordable way to make fresh your bedroom, couch or home office . Keep reading to see the 10 best throw pillows for spring. I love pillows that have a fun, coastal vibe and are easy to clean.

I love this nude polka dot square cushion because it’s super soft!

It will instantly brighten up your room. And you can rest easy knowing it’s made from 45% recycled PET Added Bonus: the zipper is concealed for a clean look and easy care.

Add beach vibes to your room with a rainbow throw pillow!

Sit back and relax, you’ve worked hard this year. Whisk away to a place where you can feel cozy and happy with this rainbow pillow and enjoy a nice cup of coffee to start your day.

Nothing says spring like a pressed flower print pillow!

Embrace your inner flower child! This square cushion comes in three different sizes to suit your space. I like that it has an environmentally-friendly cushion insert for easy cleaning.

A pink and blue flower cushion can add soft color to a neutral room.

I like that this pillow is double-sided! One side has these beautiful pink flowers and the other side is a soft robin’s egg blue.

Flip it based on your mood. Or buy multiple pillows and alternate which side is facing out to create a layered look.

I love this dash square cushion for a couch or bed.

Pink and blue are contrasting colors and are very on trend this spring. Build a look around this pillow, or add it to a neutral color couch to add interest.

A sea sunset square pillow is perfect for a boho coastal bedroom.

This pillow is super soft to sleep on and is also super cute. It’s made from recycled materials, and easy to clean.

I love plants and this crazy cactus lady pillow is perfect for spring.

This pillow is a great addition to a quirky, plant-covered boho living room on Instagram. It shows off your fun personality to all of your social media friends.

Embrace spring with a leafy pattern cushion.

So, this pillow will pair great with the crazy cactus lady pillow above. It’s soft and comfy for a pillow-filled couch or bed.

Rainbow pillows invoke the feeling of spring and happiness.

I love incorporating rainbows in my designs. Whether it’s subtle like this abstract pillow or bold with a rainbow-organized bookshelf, a rainbow brings good vibes to all who enter your home.

Forget spring cleaning and embrace the mess with this pillow!

Add a touch of fun this spring with a cute throw pillow that everyone will love. The mess will still be there tomorrow, so take some time and rest on this comfy pillow today!

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