What is Your Decorating Style?

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Discover how to figure out your true decorating style!

You either know exactly what decorating style you like or you aren’t quite sure. If you’ve found your way here, chances are you’re at a loss as to how to define your personal decorating style. Have no fear! I’m here to help you! 

The reason you’re having a hard time is that true personal style evolves overtime. Chances are you aren’t the same person you were a year ago, so neither is your style. We discover new and exciting styles, colors, fabrics, and ideas all of the time thanks to the internet. The downside is that sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose which direction to go in.

This is why I suggest to my clients to start with a few basic decor pieces to give the room structure and then add, subtract, and/or rearrange pieces over time. The important part here is to only add pieces that you really truly love, and not just because it’s on sale.

Now, let’s figure out what kind of style spirit you have to help define your personal style. I’ve broken it down into three types of people that I typically see when working with clients. The Purist, The Blend, and The Fluid.

The Purist. 

This style diva insists on absolute adherence to the rules or structures put in place by the style. This means if a room is midcentury modern, then that is the only type of furniture or decor that is allowed in that space. This person usually knows the history of a particular style and is loyal to the brands that helped create it.

The Blend. 

This adventurous style seeker takes two or more styles and combines them together to make something new. Many popular styles are actually blends of two different styles, like modern-boho, Japandi, or transitional. This person is tied more to the aesthetic of the look rather than its history.

The Fluid. 

This free spirit adheres to no rules and enjoys coloring outside of the lines. This is how many new styles were created, because dreamers dared to dream. This person is always discovering new trends, colors, textures, and cultures. It may seem like this person is all over the place, but that’s how creatives work sometimes. So embrace the chaos, make mistakes, and change your mind. As long as you’re staying true to you then there is no wrong way to decorate.

Anyone can copy a look from a popular magazine cover or a beautiful Instagram photo, but true design captures the life of the person living in it. Choose pieces that speak to you and your adventures in life, and you’ll see your personal style come to life.

Which style spirit are you? Leave your response in the comments below.

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