10 Home Office Accessories Under $25

You’ve had to compromise enough this year, don’t compromise on your home office.

 I recently read an article by Dr. Jen, a psychologist, who talked about “Pandemic Brain.” It’s where your cognitive bandwidth is way less than usual, including your ability to sustain your attention. The keys for dealing with this Pandemic Brain is to not beat yourself up, don’t catastrophize, and remember to breathe.

These tips seem simple enough, but sometimes it’s just plain hard. For me, I like to have beautiful items in my house that remind me to down-regulate my anxious brain. This could be a framed picture that says “breathe in, breathe out,” or a beautiful vase that I can display fresh cut flowers from the garden.

My favorite place to shop these days is Etsy. I love knowing that I’m helping another small business owner, and getting something unique. I’ve put together this list of beautiful, functional items that can help remind you to stay focused and stay positive during those long Zoom meetings and stubborn clients.   

Geometric Concrete Flower Vase

This geometric concrete vase is simple yet elegant. It will brighten your mood and your desk. You will love this versatile vase as it does double duty: a cradle for your favorite flowers, and a pencil holder once those flowers fade. This piece is totally handmade so no two are exactly alike. You can choose your pattern and color to work with your current décor. Check out the YouConcreteMeShop to find more styles and patterns that fit your style.

Honeycomb Book Ends

Check out these stylish and functional geometric bookends that will go perfectly with the geometric vase. It’s made of metal, so it will last the lifetime of your books. Great to keep items organized on your desk or shelves. Pick the color that matches your décor: pink, gray, turquoise, or yellow.

Desk Name Plate

Just because you’re not meeting client’s in person, doesn’t mean you can’t have a personalized name and title plate. It’s made of shatter resistant, acrylic glass and mounted on solid natural hardwood. Choose the color of the wood finish, type of acrylic, and font style and color of the printed lettering.

Schitt’s Creek Mousepad

This Schitt’s Creek mousepad is the perfect item to remind you to laugh and not take life too seriously. Perfect for any home office that needs a little fun. Choose your preference of a circle or rectangle. Comes in other patterns like “Ew, David” and “Be Like David Rose in Everything You Do.”

Sunset Desk Mat

Need a pop of color at your desk? This sunset graphic print mat is cute for your boho chic work space. It’s made of hand washable fabric in case you spill your coffee. The rubber no-slip bottom will keep your stuff from sliding all over the desk. Love the mat, but looking for a different style? Blush and Thorn offer custom orders to create the perfect mat just for you.

Floating Shelf

Whether you’re trying to keep your desk clear of clutter or want to create a picture wall for your home office, this floating shelf with ledge is perfect. You can choose from a wide selection of wood stain colors. It’s also available in multiple sizes from 12 inches to 96 inches to fit your space.

‘Office Sweet Office’ Printable

Instantly add beauty to your office with this printable office sign. You can put it in a frame of your choice to match your style. This office sign will make your home office professional and personable for any Zoom call.

Personalized Cell Phone Stand

Never miss an important work call again! If you are constantly losing your phone in the organized chaos that is your desk, this phone stand will help. It’s made of vegan friendly leather and laser engraved. You can choose your favorite color and font style to match your office.

Dad/Mom/Kid Working Hanger

I love this playful door hanger that helps set boundaries for your home office. It’s made from natural birch plywood, is hand-finished, double coated, and laser engraved. There’s a mom, dad, and kid version so everyone in the household can have their Zoom meetings in peace.

Gold Cable Organizer

You’ve spent all this time and energy making your home office look great, but those darn cords are an eye sore. This cord keeper management system made of solid brass buttons is a must-have. It helps you keep your desk neat and tidy. It can be affixed using the included double-sided sticker, or with the screws and wall anchors. There are multiple colors available to match your office decor.

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