5 Work From Home Essentials

A clean space is a productive space. 

Until there is a vaccine for Covid-19, many business are continuing to have employees work from home. Several companies like Twitter and Facebook are making this switch a permanent one due to the positive impact it’s had on production.

Aside from the computer, modem, and wireless router, these are the basic essentials to make your home office a productive space. 

A dedicated desk space.

As tempting as it can be to work from the couch or bed, the best option is a space dedicated for work. This allows you to separate between your work day and personal time. For many, this isn’t an option because the kids are homeschooling, or the available space is limited. If this is the case, add a plant or fun knick knack that signifies you are in work mode to those at home, and can be put away when you’re done. 

An ergonomic chair.

A comfortable chair that supports your neck and back is important to maintaining productivity. Sitting in an unsupportive chair contributes to long term health problems. If it’s possible, an option for a standing desk is ideal.

A desk organizer.

Keeping the items you use regularly in an accessible and organized manner can help you stay on task, and let you know when items are running low. For items that you use everyday or multiple times a day, keep them organized on top of the desk. If it’s something you only use every once in awhile, keep it stored away in a drawer or filing cabinet.

A tea and coffee maker.

If you are able to function without a caffeine source, comment below on what your secret is so the rest of us can learn. If you’re like me, you’ll need a coffee/tea maker. There are awesome brands that allow you to make a single cup or a whole carafe, depending on the level of consumption necessary for you to stay productive.

A comfy throw.

If you have sole control of the thermostat at home, then maybe this one isn’t as essential to you. For those that are at the whim of a spouse or children, this one is for you. Studies on workplace productivity show that warm temperatures have a positive effect on productivity. So cozy up and stay warm with your coffee and throw, while we work through it all together in the midst of a pandemic.

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