3 Stylish Ways to Decorate with a Tray

Photo credit: Brodie Vissers.

It seems so simple, but a tray can have a big impact on the cohesiveness of a room. A tray can keep your remotes safe from the  inevitable trip between the couch cushions. With the season changing, we’ll need to be more diligent than ever in keeping ourselves germ free. A tray station with hand sanitizer, masks, and tissues can prepare yourself for Covid-19 and flu season. 

Flowers. Greenery or a beautiful bouquet can instantly add warmth and vibrance to your favorite tray. Faux plants are totally acceptable, no judgement here. Succulents and orchids are a classic choice.

Vignettes. A group of three or five objects of similar shape, size, or color can be arranged in various ways. Try varying heights, depths, or textures. This is your chance to express your own unique creativity. 

Cheers! Why not mix style and function. Whether you’re into coffee, tea, or booze, pick a set that coordinates with the style of the room. Making a designated space for the things you enjoy is a good reminder to take time for self care. 

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