3 Steps to Improve Your Mood with Design.

Feeling low while in lockdown? These 3 simple tips will upgrade your space, and improve your mood.

So what can you do? Studies show that the design (or lack thereof) of your home can have an impact on your mood. We’ve put together 3 easy tips to make your home the retreat you deserve.

Photo by Sarah Pflug.

We’re all feeling it. You know, that tired, anxious, bored, gotta-get-outta this house feeling. Ever since the Covid-19 Crisis began, there are not many places we can go to “get away” and recharge.


  • This step can feel overwhelming at first, so start one room or corner at a time.
  • Ask yourself – Does this item make me happy? Does it serve a function for me or my family? Do i know someone else who could use this?
  • Sort items into piles, whether it’s something you’re keeping, throwing away, or giving a new home. It’s okay if you don’t get it all done in one day!


  • Light can make your space feel bigger and improve your mood.
  • Relocate your workspace to be next to a window or set up shop outdoors. Get creative!
  • Shop for a new light fixture or lamp that makes you happy to look at everyday. Visit my Pinterest page for lighting options that inspire!


  • Plants have amazing healing properties and reconnect us to nature.
  • Succulents are great starter plants because they don’t require a lot of maintenance, but are still beautiful.
  • Find a fragrant indoor plant like jasmine, spearmint or lemon balm to ignite the senses (the lemon balm leaves can be used for tea).

Now, these steps aren’t going to solve all of your quarantine problems, but it is a great start to achieving a home where you feel comfortable. And may even impress friends or co-workers on your next Zoom call.

Are you looking to completely re-do your home? Send a message to Big Mood Design below to schedule a FREE consult.

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