Welcome to Big Mood Designs!

My name is Liana and I’m a budding home decorator living by the beach in sunny Southern California.

I’ve had the design bug since I was very young. I would make designs on the computer, print them out, and spend the day rearranging my bedroom furniture until it was perfect.

After numerous paint changes and repurposing of household items, my parents finally agreed to let me design the family room and kitchen. It brought me so much joy to walk into my home and see my visions brought to life. 

I received my bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Master’s in Sustainable Business. It was important to me to know the ins and outs of running a business, and how to do it without harming our precious environment.

Having graduated after the 2008 market crash, life pulled me in a different direction. My dreams were put on hold, but my passion for decorating and improving spaces never waned. 

I took a year off from working to raise our beautiful baby boy. In that time, my husband grew his business while I yearned to pursue my own dreams. So here I am putting it all on the line to bring joy to others each time they walk into their home!

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